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Artizan Gallery 2024 & 2025

Updated: Feb 3


We're delighted to be taking enquiries for 2024 & 2025 at Artizan Gallery with fully curated, stewarded and promoted exhibition offers on the English Riviera.

Our 2024 rates start from £200/artist for a 3-week show,

representing excellent value for fully stewarded exhibition packages.

The deadline for the third round of submissions is February 29th.

If you'd like to know more about exhibiting with us before you make a booking enquiry, give us a call on 07522509642 or drop any questions to us in an email at


How It Works

We know there isn't a "one size fits all" exhibition package so we don't try and shoehorn artists into a standard format model. All our bookings are bespoke with a focus on offering as much flexibility as possible whilst still keeping it all simple.

Exhibition Types

We've come up with some handy categories for types of bookings to accommodate different needs, so whether you're enquiring on behalf of yourself, a group, or you want to be matched with other artists we're able to help. We'll ask you to pick from:

  • A Solo Show (just for you!)

  • A Group Show (where you know all the participants)

  • An Open Show (for a group, society or on a theme you want to explore)

  • Group Match (if you want to exhibit with other artists but don't have a group)

  • Temporary Studio Hire (for short terms studio projects)

Exhibition Spaces

We're fortunate enough to have three exhibition spaces at the venue that can be booked individually or in a range of combinations to give you the right space for your work:

  • Main Exhibition Space (our larger gallery suitable for groups)

  • Courtyard Exhibition Space (our rear airy space suitable for a couple of artists or a larger group when booking with other spaces)

  • Basement Exhibition Space (our contemporary white box space perfect for unique solos)

  • Basement Studio Space (our basement exhibition space setup for your studio needs)

Exhibition Window

After that, you just add on your exhibition window, with 3 week blocks available from now until the end of 2025.


What You Get

Click items to expand for more info.

Three Weeks Showcasing Your Work

All of our exhibitions are three weeks in duration and we do not charge for the hanging and setup period. That's three weeks for audiences to discover, return and buy.

Full Exhibition Setup, Hang & Curation

Full Stewarding

Exhibition Preview

Marketing, Promotion and Design Packs

Exhibition Photography & Videography

Expert Support & Other Services


Discover the Spaces

Browse images from a selection of previous exhibitions that we've hosted to get an idea of the space. If you'd like a more detailed view, either pay us a visit, or get in touch and we can provide video walkthroughs an additional images.


Important Information

Before you make a booking enquiry you'll want to check our dates, rates and terms, all of which can be found at the below links.

  • Make sure you have reviewed our 2024/25 fees before making a booking, view below or available here.

  • Make sure you have reviewed our 2024/25 calendar slots, view below or available here.

  • Make sure you have reviewed our Terms and Conditions, available here

If you are accepted for an exhibition booking, it is understood that you have read and agreed to the details contained in the above documents.


Fill in a Booking Enquiry

If you're ready to make a booking enquiry, you'll want to make sure you have the below information:

  • The name and contact details for your lead applicant (you if you're making a enquiry about a solo exhibition)

  • The type of booking you require: Solo Exhibition, Group Exhibition (up to 8 artists), Open Exhibition (i.e. for a large group or society), Group Matching (you want us to pair you with other artists), or Temporary Studio Space.

  • The spaces you would like to book: Main Gallery, Courtyard Gallery, Basement Gallery

  • The number of artists in your group

  • Your first preference exhibition period (see available dates here)

  • Any other exhibition periods you would be interested in

  • The names and at least one online link for each participating artist

  • A summary of your exhibition

You can use the embedded form below or alternatively load it in a new window here. Alternatively, you can send the above information to us in an email.



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