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A Good Lick of Paint: Day 1 & 2 at Fleet Walk

Good afternoon all. We’re midway through our second day in the space at Fleet Walk and it’s the morning after our July artist preview of Alan Price-Roberts exhibition Portraits to Abstraction up at the home base.

And we’re feeling all round good vibes at both spaces…. Despite the sweltering heat making a nap on the beach the most inviting prospect, the team are working pretty hard across both venues and we’re making really good progress.

This morning I went into the space having left at lunchtime the day before and I could not believe the transformation; it really is amazing what a lick of paint can do! Builder Paul has been phenomenal, and we’d expect nothing less, he’s been our go to guy since we opened the gallery and he’s never seen us wrong. Even better, he knows our hanging system like the back of his hand so from getting into the space first thing today, he had the whole thing up before our first coffee break!

In the meantime, I’d received probably another 20-30% of the art for the exhibition this morning, including some exceptionally heavy pieces today! We’re now well over halfway there to receiving all the artwork and with the hanging system up, it could well be time to start the hang…

I also made the vital discovery, that our next-door neighbours, Greggs, do coffee and a bacon sandwich for £2; these are clearly the priorities we need to be worrying about for the next month!

All in all, we say it with caution, but we’re happy that progress is good. The temporary office is proving sturdy enough to hold laptop and coffee. We’ve had lots of lovely conversations as people look in, everyone’s intrigued with so many deliveries. The bus stop outside is bringing loads of people to our doorstep which is great news. Participating artist, framer, printer and friend of the gallery Kevin Cowell has really kindly printed us out a nice big sign today which is now up in the window and we hope we’ve come up with a creative solution for our slightly patchy ceiling that will add a bit of Artizan flare… more on that tomorrow!

Last night we settled in for a lovely Artist Preview at the gallery with Alan Price-Roberts and co. and what a wonderful evening it was. Pimm’s, strawberries and cream, great art; do you need anything else for a great party?! We don’t think so. The night rounded off with some mounted originals heading home with happy collectors and an Artizan blue dot on “The Big Apple”, our featured window piece due for collection next week.

And now, we’re anticipating a quiet afternoon as the streets empty, the pubs fill up and the BBQs fire up as the nation settles in to watch some good old-fashioned kicking of a ball around a field. We hear it’s a bit of a major event...



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