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"Glorious Glass"

Works in Glass
Virtual Tour
Nov 26, 2022
25th November
18:00 - 20:00

Artizan Gallery

Dec 24, 2022

"Glorious Glass"

"Glorious Glass"

A Touch of Glass!

2022 is a spectacular year for the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS). From humble beginnings 25 years ago, it has grown into the UK’s foremost organisation for supporting established glass artists, for encouraging up-and-coming glass makers and for promoting contemporary glass in the wider art world. 2022 is also the UN designated International Year of Glass, so this is our opportunity to shout out to the world what a glorious material glass is!

The “Glorious Glass” exhibition demonstrates how utterly glorious and amazing contemporary glass is so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy its magical colours, textures, use of light and variety of techniques and also discover their own local glass artists. This exhibition is the finale of CGS’s anniversary year-long programme of 6 online and 12 live exhibitions nationwide and is a celebration of glorious glass in all its many facets.

‘CGS is delighted to be collaborating with Artizan Gallery – one of the South West’s premier venues – for the culmination of our anniversary year of glass celebrations’. – Sue Purser Hope

Exhibiting Artists