Mixed Media by F G Davis.


Mixed Media on Canvas 


Framed in an Open Frame

Red Centre

  • A memory of seeing sunrise and sunset on Uluru, Australia. The piece records the change of colour on the rock and alludes to the many ancient tales told about its history, with decorative motifs inspired by Aboriginal art.

  • FG Davis is a leading contemporary artist who has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, sharing his time between his homes in Devon and the South of France.


    Known principally for his exquisite use of colour, texture and pattern, he explores many and varied themes with acrylic, collage, watercolour, gouache and mixed media.


    His work is unique in its diversity, encompassing a wide range of subject matter taken from his everyday experiences and memories, working in a full range of scales, from intricate detailed pieces to bold large works. Interpretations are often witty and playful, capturing the essence of his starting points with a keen perceptive insight, frequently completed as part of an extensive series of work which testify to his love of experimentation and his unerring ability to tantalise the viewers’ imagination. His work retaining a painterly integrity which shines through.

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