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Who Can Apply? - The Big Questions - Artizan Summer Open 2018

We're glad your asked, but the answers simple. You can! And you can, and you can, and especially you can! Anyone can make a submission to the Artizan Summer Open Exhibition 2018, it's an accessible exhibition for all artists and creative practitioners. So whether your 18 or 80, we want to see your submission make its way to us!

To make this easier we're partnering with schools, colleges, art societies, community groups and really as many networks as possible in Torbay, South Devon and beyond to make sure this opportunity finds its way to you. We're also running submission sessions at the gallery to help those who need any assistance with forms and the tech bits so that there are as few barriers to entry as possible.

If your a full-time painter or only sketch on Sunday's that's ok; if you're into oils and landscapes or scrap metal constructions, we don't mind!

So, what are you waiting for, apply today!

For more information on our Summer Open Exhibition, head here!



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