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The System AKA Grockle Town

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Seventh heaven found beneath the stars. Beneath the canopies of Palms beneath the rough hewn rocks of a coastal cave. Love is found by the youthful brave in Grockle Town. Summer time bliss in search of a sacred kiss. Holiday time imitating the continental sublime

The English Riviera! Oh welcome to The English Riviera!

Where the indigenous youths prey on wide eyed travellers, offering excitement for a few nights and days in Grockle Town. Oh the Hustle! Coastal walks, beach parties, and promises of the heart. For a week or two at least.

Oh the holiday romance! Where the Grockles are entranced by sharply dressed lothario’s, whose agendas are the quick fix of ecstasy in Grockle Town.

Beneath the stars, beneath the rough hewn rocks of a coastal cave, welcome to the Seventh heaven of a system that is full of yearning, learning and emotions both good and bad and the feelings that we all crave.

Good times for the sharing, and with no strings attached. That’s what you hope to find in Grockle Town.

The fickleness of the season. As the sun sets and Devonian dreams are realised in an embrace, soon to be broken by the fond farewell in Grockle Town.

Until the next influx of pleasure seekers arrive, dreaming of affairs of the heart. Yes – And, so it goes. The cycle. The System. The quest for that which is something more. Something more than what is often here.

Tides turn, and such times are resigned to the memories of this Grockle Town, the place where the sea kisses the shore, Palm trees flutter in the breeze and, music plays and beauty likes to tease. The place where people survive making the illusion of paradise a reality during summer months. A place immortalised in pictures, both moving and not.

Then winter blows in. The indigenous youths return to the old routine. Looking forward to next year, and “The Grockle Town” dream.

That is the system. Simply put – It’s Kiss me quick and Ice cream.

Yes – that is “The Grockle Town” dream.

Welcome to the English Riviera holiday time – the place that emulates the continental sublime.

© Jason Disley 2019



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