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Fire Under a Blue Moon

If you live in the Bay and have ventured into the Twittersphere, chances are you’ve heard of #TorbayHour. Every Monday at 8PM, the internet braces itself for what is supposedly an hour of networking and promotion, but more often than not is an hour of locally sourced raillery married up with the all-important GIF war.

We do several of these twitter hours throughout the week, but #TorbayHour is undoubtedly our favourite, having created a wonderful community of local businesses who work together to support, promote and generally have a laugh every Monday evening. From 7PM, as anticipation mounts, the official Torbay Hour radio show goes live on Riviera FM hosted by the dream team @Inspiring_Joe and @SimonDayUK, who humour the questionable music requests of their listeners and generally oversee proceedings.

This week, thanks to Torbay Hour and Simon Day, we spotted a great last-minute event going on down at Oddicombe Beach organised by Elements of Fire. This little Devon group are inferno enthusiasts, and to celebrate January’s Blue Moon, they organised an impromptu session, offering a relaxed performance with their various fire props. They all specialise in different areas including poi, staff, hoop and diablo, with the one common thread, these tools will always be aflame.

We were suitably intrigued and with the invitation to come along and take some photos we needed no more persuading. So, we headed down on a chilly Wednesday evening, camera and tripod at the ready to see what it was all about. We were definitely not disappointed! These guys do some incredible stuff creating incredible displays of motion and momentum drawing fire trails across the night sky. A calm sea and full moon were the perfect backdrop, but I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Photo Credit: Grace Hannah Photography and J Brandon Photography

Elements of Fire offer performances to cater to most outdoor events including; birthdays, weddings, gigs, corporate events and other escapades. They provide you and your guests with a unique chance to get in touch with this primal element in a completely safe way, individually adapting performances to your event through carefully selected music to create a transient state that will transform the dynamic of any event. Make sure to check them out: Website, Facebook, Instagram.

So, if you’re on Twitter and you’re not already keeping an eye on #TorbayHour, now you know why you should be!



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