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February Exhibition Update

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The eager eyed amongst you may have noticed that we’ve been a little bit quiet about our February activities, with no exhibition listed and no announcements about what to expect as we enter the second month of 2018! Well, the time has come, and we can now reveal what to expect at Artizan in just one short week.

Firstly, a quick explanation as to why we’re a bit behind on this one! We received a last-minute cancellation in February which resulted in a short notice change to the calendar. We extended our January show for a bonus week – so don’t miss the last few days of this show featuring Arthur Homeshaw and Richard Slater – and set to work on a backup plan. A very speedy call was devised for an opportunity we’ve had in the back of our minds for a while, and thanks to the support of our networks, we managed to get it disseminated very rapidly. Thanks to the kind work of the groups and societies who help us share and promote our opportunities, and some very patient artists who have come on board with this impromptu show, we can now announce our February show “The Art of You”.

This explorative show will look at works, objects, pieces of narrative, multimedia submissions, written statements, journals, sketchbooks and a diverse array of other submitted material that explore the identity of the artist that submits them. Submissions have been open to any individual who wishes to celebrate their creativity, whether they are a full time professional artist or last did art at school as a child. This is intended to be a richly personal exhibition that is open to artists, makers and individuals of any level or discipline to submit something which goes to the heart of their creativity. This might be a sketchbook that looks at their practice in its purest form or an object or item of particular relevance to their work. Equally, the submission could take the form of a completed artwork that is in some way uniquely representative of the artists identity.

Through this broad call, we hope to present a show that is in part autobiographical, and where visitors are encouraged to focus on the lives behind the works. Through the collective display of personal items, the opportunity to draw interpretations of where shared aspects of creation lie, and where difference and similitude can be found in the homes of individual muses will be available, with scope to explore the raw and unrefined elements of creative process.

We view this as an extension of the “sketchbook” or “postcard” model of exhibition which looks at either the process behind an artwork, or a small representation, with our version offering a greater degree of flexibility and wider opportunity for individual expression. The exhibition follows on from a number of other shows hosted at the Gallery including the “Postcard Exhibition” which featured as part of the Gallery’s touring London exhibition, and “The Anonymous Artist”, an open show exploring issues of identity in which artworks were hung anonymously.

So, that’s what to expect in February! Please do come along and join us, events will go live over the next few days and will bring you details of exhibiting artists after the final call deadline on January 31st!


Want to submit to the exhibition? The deadline for this exhibition is January 31st so there's still time to apply. Head to our calls page to grab a submission form.



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