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English Riviera Summer Open 2023 - Submissions Live

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

English Riviera Summer Open 2023

As we continue to try and secure a future for our work in Torbay, we're delighted, however belatedly, to announce the English Riviera Summer Open 2023.

If you've exhibited in our open exhibitions before you know the drill, but for newcomers our annual, seasonal opens are the biggest, and most ambitious visual arts showcases in South Devon, as we turn the walls of our highstreet gallery into a tapestry of original art from creatives all over the country.

The exhibition is selective but open to all with our values for the showcase being:

  • Diversity and Variety - we take a range of traditional and contemporary practice, selecting works that result in a showcase rich in media, subject and style;

  • Originality and Innovation - this isn't an exhibition that just "plays it safe", we love traditionally work, but equally we want to share work with audiences that they may not find anywhere else;

  • Quality and Talent - we select the best to create a showcase for our audience where they can guarantee they'll be taking away collectible, original work that can't be found anywhere else.

This year, your support in taking part in the exhibition will be appreciated more than ever as we've had a rollercoaster over the last 9 months whilst we've fought to keep this showcase as part of the local arts calendar.

There is one big change this year. For the first time your fee will only be payable if you are successful in having work selected for the exhibition. We'll be taking fees at the point of submission, but if we don't accept your work on this occasion we'll refund your fee in full.

UPDATE: Based on interest from several artists, we have reinstated single entry submissions. Single entry submissions are charged at £10 but unfortunately are NOT refundable.

Deadline for Entries: Thursday 29th June, Midday

As always we can't wait to see your submissions and look forward to welcoming you to the English Riviera Summer Open 2023!


  • This is a selective exhibition, your fee is paid on submission but will be refunded if you don't have work accepted

  • Up to 8 works can be submitted

  • Works will have the opportunity to either be:

○ Selected (these will be guaranteed to hang) or

○ reserved (these will be requested for delivery and stored on the shop floor for audiences to view;

they may also be hung if space permits at our discretion)

  • All successful artists will be entitled to supply, in addition to their accepted work:

○ Up to three mounted and wrapped works for browsers or ○ Up to three additional small for sale products such as catalogues or artbooks, and ○ Greetings cards; either 5 copies of 3 designs or up to 15 original greetings cards

  • All selected works will be showcased for a period of 6 weeks as part of Smmer on the English Riviera

  • Exposure in the English Riviera’s premier selective exhibition gallery

  • Opportunity for commercial sales of work

  • Features in exhibition print and digital promotional material delivered via the channels of the exhibition curators and partner organisations

  • Long-term exposure on the exhibition digital hub including micro-profile and the opportunity for additional features

  • Selected artists may be recommended to our partner services to have their work featured in additional online listings

  • Exhibition Awards including the English Riviera Award (selected by a guest judge) and the Audience Favourite Award.

Work Sizes, Types and Dimensions:

  • Works are classified as either:

○ 2D Wall Display

○ 3D Surface Display (not exceeding a height of 60cm)

○ 3D Floor Display

Works of any medium are accepted

  • 2D Works:

○ A single 2D entry will not exceed 60cm in any direction inclusive of framing

○ 2D entries exceeding 60cm but not exceeding 1.5m in any direction can be submitted as two entries

  • 3D Works:

○ A single 3D entry will not exceed 80cm in any dimension

○ 3D entries exceeding 80cm but not exceeding 1.5m in any direction can be submitted as two entries ○ Small 3D works may be submitted as a series and be counted as one entry but you must contact the

gallery before making your submission to confirm if your work qualifies for this

○ Jewellery and small items should be provided with secure display equipment and artists should

consult with the gallery to ensure they are making sufficient provisions prior to submission.

○ A 3D work that is wall display should be submitted as a 2D Work

○ Where specific display equipment is required this must be specified

○ You may be requested to supply plinths or make additional provisions for display of your work

where these are non-standard


Deadline for Entries: Thursday 29th June, Midday

Confirmation of Entries: Friday 30th June, Midnight

Start Date: Saturday 15th July, 11am

End Date: Sunday 27th August, 4pm

Launch Date: Friday 14th July, 18:00-20:00

Delivery Week: Saturday 1st July, 11am - Thursday 6th July, 5pm (bookable on acceptance)

Hang Week: Friday 7th July - Thursday 13th July (artists are not required but should be prepared to receive work queries during this period)

Opening Hours: It may be necessary for our opening hours to adjust between now and the exhibition, but we intend to open weekends and 3 week days (5 days/week) 11:00-16:00


Exhibition Fees: £30 (payable at the point of submission, refunded if not selected)

Donation: £5 (optional, non-refundable)

UPDATE: Based on interest from several artists, we have reinstated single entry submissions. Single entry submissions are charged at £10 but unfortunately are NOT refundable.

Commission Fees: 35% Payments can be made at the below link once you have made your submission: All fees go towards Artizan Collective's continuing work to deliver opportunities for artists in the South West.

About Artizan Collective CIC

Artizan Collective CIC is a not for profit Social Enterprise dedicated to the advancement of arts and culture in Torbay, supporting wider engagement and greater accessibility to arts for our communities, through the provision of opportunities, resources, spaces and networks for creatives of all practices in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Currently hosted at Fleet Walk in the Artizan Collective Gallery, the Collective is providing a vibrant creative hub delivering opportunities for artists and audiences living and working in the Bay, as well as contributing to the English Riviera's cultural tourism offer. The venue currently runs a year-round visual arts programme which supports artists of all disciplines and experiences, including students and emerging artists, by creating affordable exhibition opportunities, awards and bursaries. In addition, a programme of community workshops, artist studios, and production spaces are in development in partnership with other independent creatives and local cultural organisations.

Through this activity we aim to improve the perception of Torbay's cultural offer, showcasing and connecting the creative stakeholders contributing to the sector and signposting audiences from this prominent location, to the areas hidden gems.

The organisation currently consists of two directors and a small group of key stakeholders and partners who support and deliver work, as well as an invested community of artists and creatives. Artizan Gallery supports the work of Artizan Collective CIC through the sharing of resources and promotional activities.

Main Contact: Julie Brandon

Contact Phone Number: 07522 509642

Venue Address

Artizan Collective Gallery

Unit 5 Fleet Walk

74 Fleet Street



Important Links

Exhibition Page: (coming soon)

External Link to Submission Form:

PDF Submission Form: Download

Curatorpace Submission Form: (available soon)

Terms and Conditions:


UPDATE: Based on interest from several artists, we have reinstated single entry submissions. Single entry submissions are charged at £10 but unfortunately are NOT refundable.

Do I need a google account to submit using the form on this page?

You do not need a google account to submit using the form on this page. However, you may be offered the option to sign in with a google account during the process and this enables you to save your progress when completing the form.

Where do I submit my images?

Once you have completed your submission, you can email your images to

Why do you take fees for your opportunities?

We try to make all of our opportunities as accessible as possible, but as an independent non-profit that receives no external funding, we unfortunately still find ourselves in the position that we do have to charge fees for participating with our open calls. This is something we keep under constant review, and we monitor other local, national and international opportunities with an aim to keep our rates below the average of the fees we track.

How do I know you've received my submission?

When you make your payment for your submission we check that we've received your form and images. If any elements are missing we'll be in touch to request them. Provided you have had a payment receipt to confirm you've paid your fee, if you don't hear from us to request additional information, your submission is complete.

Where can I see a copy of my submission form?

If you'd like a copy of your completed submission form, email us at

Submission Form



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