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A new experience

My name’s Emma Dei Agnoli, I’m a 17 years old student from Onigo, a little village in the north-east of Italy not far away from Venice and from other Italian’s art centers such Padua and Verona.

My area is culturally and artistically active as many artists live and work there. Several art exhibitions and cultural events as film and music festivals and are organized throughout the year especially in the Summer. For example the Operaestate Festival Veneto which is a Summer show of live entertainment that takes place annually in the city of Bassano del Grappa and in the Pedemontana area. It was born as a summer lyric season and then introduced theater, dance, music and cinema projects in the following years. The main aim of the Festival is to bring the public closer to performative art and live performance in all its forms and raise the cultural value of our territory.

Since I was a child I’ve always been creative and passionate about art and drawing mainly thanks to my parents who are really into modern and contemporary art: they’ve given me the chance to travel a lot and visit many foreign cities and countries, museums and art galleries and my grandparents who have always surrounded me with paintings and sculpture as they used to be art collectors.

At the moment I’m attending the fourth year of the Figurative Art course in High School and I’m studying painting and drawing techniques, sculpture and history of art.

As I don’t really have a defined style I’m always looking for inspiration both from classical and contemporary art but also from people who surround me. Currently I’m really into printing, especially linoleum printing, and I’m working on a series of portraits and city landscapes. I really love illustration too and experimenting with different types of materials and textures.

Personally I don’t have a favorite art current or artist: I think it’s better to be open minded and give yourself the chance to explore different kind of art, styles and artists.

I really love design especially furniture and jewelry design; I’ve attended few pottery and jewelry courses. I don't really know what I want do in my future; I'd like to study design at university and maybe get a master in Jewelry Design.

I'll stay in Torquay for five weeks thanks to an European scholarship with other 15 students from different schools and cities.

I haven't visited the Torbay area yet but for what I saw up to now it seems quiet but stimulating at the same time. It's quite different from where I live: the landscape is quite different as well as culture, food and people. I live near the mountains so it's a little bit strange for me to see the sea every day and live in a big town full of shops.

I really love traveling and get to know new cultures and explore different places and cities. I can't wait to explore Torbay and Devon: I'm planning to visit Paignton and Brixham as well as Dartmoore National Park. I'm a little bit nervous because it's my first time away from home for so long and my first real work experience but I'm also really excited to test myself and my limits.

I've never worked abroad or in an Art Gallery before so I can’t wait to learn new things and improve my skills. I'd like to learn more about this work, get in touch with costumers and artists and improve my technical language.

Emma Dei Agnoli



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