Rhian Wyn Harrison

Geopark Ambassador Artist

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Reality & Imagination

Rhian's quirky and humorous mixed media illustrations take many forms with personal commissions leading her work down innumerable routes. It is the sea though, and the inspiration of her coastal home to which she most often returns.

Producing lively and colourful illustrations, the unique quality of Rhian's work is the canvas on which she works, utilising dictionary pages, newspapers and maps to compliment the coastal characters and seaside scenes she brings to life. Whether it's noisy seagulls illustrated on vintage Torbay map sections, a pair of kissing seals on a Brixham harbour nautical chart, or Agatha Christie inspired riddles worthy of the queen of crime herself, Rhian's works are inspired by and pay homage to the Riviera's coastal heritage.

"The sea air, the views, the blue sky, the seagulls even, it just clears your mind. I still get a sort of buzz from it. Often I just take a notebook and just sit and think of ideas. The sea is my thinking space. I just never fail to be inspired by it really."

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