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English Riviera Photography Showcase 2021

Finding A Way Home
Virtual Tour
Apr 11, 2021
10th April

Artizan Collective CIC

May 15, 2021

“Finding A Way Home” is a multi-stranded photographic and digital artwork exhibition hosted by Artizan Collective CIC and co-curated and produced by The South West Collective and Artizan Gallery.

English Riviera Photography Showcase 2021

English Riviera Photography Showcase 2021

Finding A Way Home

Exploring the Narrative

2020 was marked by global hardship and suffering, a year where the term “uncertainty” became near meaningless but the phrase “life changing” became all too familiar. It has already been recognised as a monumental moment in history of comparative significance to the two world wars, the ripples of which will still be being felt for many years to come.

But there is a positive legacy of 2020 to be unearthed in the year ahead; one that recognises the strength of communities against overwhelming adversity; one that applauds the extraordinary efforts and individual sacrifices made; and one that celebrates the peace and resilience we were able to find in this new and harsh reality.

2021 promises a chance for recovery and the search for hope, as we step out on a journey, to find a way home.

Exhibiting Artists