Thomas Oscar Miles

Empowering and Transforming

My art looks to inspire self empowerment, through embracing our vulnerabilities. This is celebrated through fragile and detailed imagery, centered around the narratives. In my work, I talk about personal fears and darker experiences. I give my characters opportunities to wear these like a crown. How can we appreciate our light when we brush the darkness under the bed, ignored? I hope that my work can show people how multi-layered each one of us is, showing a unity in our humanity.

I talk in my work about personal experiences such as mental health and my ever-growing relationship with my autism. I choose to represent these in my work through visuals such as decay, bones, and shadow filled corners of a woodland. My new series 'Our Beautiful Demise' speaks on a similar theme: wearing our fears with pride, binding them tightly to our flesh. I have grown up fearful of my personal shadows, I now instead hope to educate others on this and create a platform to spotlight issues we all go through.