Geoff Weedon

African Inspired Contemporary Art

Daughters of Eve

After a career in advertising as a creative director at J Walter Thompson and latterly at his own agency in London, Geoff Weedon moved to Devon to re-invent himself as an emerging artist. He studied Contemporary Art briefly at Plymouth University but is largely self taught.

His new series of paintings, 'Daughters of Eve', is inspired by the extraordinary creativity of the tribes of the Omo Valley on the Ethiopian/Kenyan border, who while wearing little else produce fashion from the flora and vegetation of the bush.These new paintings explore the nature of beauty while using a modern aesthetic to portray skin tones which suggest both the scarification the tribes employ and the peeling patina of Roman and Egyptian wall paintings as timeless as the tribes themselves.

Geoff loves to safari in Africa photographing the animals and birds which he uses in his paintings and collects African tribal art.

Limited edition signed giclee prints mounted, framed and on canvas of the paintings are also available.


News & Updates

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