Graphite by Emma Wildman.


Graphite on Paper



Through The looking Glass

  • I’m a self taught fine art pencil artist based in south devon.  I started drawing around five years ago and haven’t stopped since then!  I started by attending a day course in drawing; run by a very talented artist in Cornwall, since then I’ve refined and developed my skills.

    I prefer to draw in realism and I’m generally only happy with my drawings if I can see great detail and depth within them. 

    I tend to draw anything that inspires me. 

    Generally I’ll start by drawing a very rough outline of what I want to draw and then I slowly build up layers upon layers of pencil until I have the detail and depth that I’m happy with.  I find working this way, and working slowly helps to create what I need as well as being a superb time to ‘zone out’ for a little while, while I get lost in my drawings.  

  • Beautiful glass eyed cat drawn and layered with pencil on to paper.