Beautiful art piece by Nina Kleinzeller.


Ink on Paper

Framed behind glass

30.4 x 40.6 cm


  • Originally from Gdańsk, Poland, Nina has a Masters Degree in Fine Art Sculpture and Painting. Now producing in mixed media and collage, she approaches work through a form that defies restriction, creating freedom in a multifaceted approach incorporating everything from marker pens, acrylics, inks and watercolours, as well as less conventional recovered fabrics and papers. The process of producing a piece starts with the selection of these materials, the choice of a background fabric and the images and objects that will combine with it. Using these collections of found items and combining of parts, Nina creates pieces which are not bound by theme or culture, believing that one’s art is not restricted by one’s background. The subjects she captures are not intentionally deep or complex, but portray joy and beauty through their simplicity and “everydayness”.


    The results are works that are homely, the patterned fabrics she selects for her backdrops becoming rugs, table cloths, wallpaper. Complimented by simple, naïve forms, and a youthful perspective, her works conjure up scenes one might find in a doll’s house or children’s fable.


    Having lived in the South West since 2006 she has exhibited occasionally in group shows in Exeter.

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