Mixed Media Clay Relief by Jane Villaweaver


Mixed Media Clay Relief


Framed behind glass

Forgotten Quantness Series Shaker Dress - Gift Drawing

  • I am interested in the dialogue between a structure and its surface, where anything is potentially possible. As a textile artist with a multi-displinary approach to experimentation, it is the physical process of making and the interaction of materials and various techniques that stimulates my imagination. Creating my own surfaces, forms and content affirms my need to analyse, articulate, express and connect with my ideas.

    I have always chosen to work and combine different practices, from drawing and painting, digital photography, printmaking, textiles and recently ceramics. Depending on the project and choice of materials and techniques, my aim is to produce innovative three and two dimensional pieces that combine imagery, colour, texture and decoration. The inclusion of stitching has always played an important part and is used intentionally as a means of mark making and to emphasize the uniqueness of the handmade process. Every form is unique and has its own character. They are tactile, distinctive, detailed and constantly evolving.

    My inspiration often derives from familiar objects and diverse sources, where the simple and ordinary are transformed into new contexts. Being curious and inquisitive is essential to the innovation process. It affects the nature and creativity of my work.