Acrylic by Jerry Shearing


Acrylic on Board



Cloud Cover

  • Jerry Shearing was educated at Eastbourne College followed by a foundation art course at Eastbourne School of Art, where he was taught amongst others by Jennifer Dixon and Robert Taverner. He then went on to study fine art, print making and illustration for four years at the Central School of Art in London, where his tutors included David Haughton and Gertrude Hermes. Jerry was determined to master the art of drawing and undertook to spend four hours a day, every day, 365 days a year simply observing and drawing, filling sketchbooks, pads any piece of paper that might come to hand.

    Jerry's work is now based on capturing the dynamic of nature and the interaction of nature and the elements. He expresses his reaction to the sound, smell, colour, texture and movement and the interplay of sunlight, rain, mist and wind within the natural environment. Originally working in oil, he now works largely with acrylic paint on canvas using only the three primary colours mixed either on a palette or on the canvas itself, allowing him to harmonise naturally with the subject. Often he takes large canvases to the location, which enables him to react and respond, allowing his natural rhythm to guide his brush strokes and the colour to mix freely and in harmony. When this is not possible he makes smaller paintings in site and then creates the larger works back in the studio. Jerry wants his audience to feel his dynamic interaction with nature and enjoy his work as a performance captured. Jerry's influence comes from the Impressionists, the Expressionists and the Abstract Expressionists.

    Since following a career as a professional artist he has exhibited in group exhibitions in London, Cambridge and Sussex. Last year he had a One Man Exhibition in Sussex and exhibited in 2017 'Art East' Art Fair and in 2018 at the Oxford International Art Fair, The Talented Art Fair, London as well Basel Art Fair and the Flux Exhibition in London's Chelsea . His work is collected in the UK, Europe and Asia