Photography by Karyn Easton



Photograph of oil bubbles on water. (Limited Edition)




  • Karyn Easton graduated from Cleveland College of Art and Design in 1989 with an HND in Visual Communications with a specialism in commercial photography. 


    After some great work experience in London, working with some well known big name brands, she worked for a while as a graphic designer and had a number of subsequent roles in the Creative Arts Industry. 


    After a nearly 18 year gap to bring up her children she began teaching photography at evening school.  Building up her range of classes, she moved to her local college where she is now a photography lecturer and class tutor. 


    Personally she has won a number of photography awards including being a finalist in last year's Women in Photography competition.  However she believes that her greatest achievements lie in the achievements of her students. In fact she recently returned from London after attending an awards ceremony where two of her students were finalists in a prestigious national competition with one of them winning judges favourite. 


    Karyn continues to live and work in South Devon(Brixham) and when she isn't teaching she is usually working on her photography commissions.

  • Apart tells a visual tale of a tiny bubble making a choice.  Is the bubble moving towards the right and the cluster of bubbles found there?  Or is the bubble moving to the left towards a bubble that is barely in shot

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