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The Art of You - Artist Stories - Willie Robb

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Artist Statement: Societal concern is at the core of my personal work. I use a variety of photographic styles and approaches to consider the physical impact of dogmatic, political ideology. It's a fruitful time to critique the powers that be.

Photography is my regular go to for projects, but I also use video and alternative processes. The approach is always relevant to the subject matter. Sometimes serendipity prevails, and a chance moment or commission will expand into a project.

The notion that a loss of empathy leads to dangerous actions has fuelled my work for the last ten years. I take solace in the hope that lessons will be learned before history has the time to fully repeat.

Work Description: Parking Among Trees

The flight that sticks in my mind most in my life was a very long flight to Australia that I took nine months after the birth of my son; just me and him. I felt like I was delivering something very precious and very fragile.

All those intimations of mortality and stuff seem thrown into sharper focus somehow when traveling with someone who's oblivious to it all.

“Still is a miracle that you're up in the air.” - Jarvis Cocker*

These are the observations I made after unexpectedly becoming a dad in 2009. I have two sons now.

It was the last film based photographic project I made before switching to a digital practice. I had graduated in 2008 so I was still finding my voice aesthetically and my life seemed to be the best subject at the time. I made the images at work, at home and everywhere in-between. I guess you could deem the project a stream of consciousness attempt to cope with rapidly changing circumstances.

*Wireless Nights, Episode 1, BBC Radio 4, 11:00PM Thu, 5 Apr 2012.



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