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The Art of You - Artist Stories - Felipe Chavez

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Artist Statement: Felipe Chavez is a figurative contemporary draughtsman and sculptor, born in Colombia and now working in London. With materials varying from resin, ink and expanding foam, he explores the human’s physical existence through the idea of a tangible form.

Felipe finds figurative contemporary art to be perceived as an understanding of the human body’s place in society, how its aesthetics have become so subjective that the original perspective has been lost. His use of materials and the techniques applied primarily depends on the initial vision; then developing an understanding of the work through the gaze of his own body.

Work Description: My works are predominately nudes and of my entire body, so when I created this one and only self-portrait it grew to be a very special piece to me. I want the viewer to see me and see my art, I have devoted my mind to understanding my craft and have experienced so many things that I want to carry on telling. This portrait is to showcase my “crave” for art and my devotion to the aesthetic. Many people use art to express an opinion about the world or a political statement, however my works have always been about opening myself and exposing the vulnerable aspect of the form.

This piece I believe will fit well in the notion of putting yourself as your Art, with the expression I want the public to see a thirst for needing it and how art to me is to breath. The craving of an obsession



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