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Keith Frake - Between Heaven and Hell

Presenting a series of works completed over the last two years, acclaimed international multimedia artist Keith Frake joins Artizan for a showcase of dark, mixed media works in his exhibition, Between Heaven and Hell.

Having studied Fine Art at Newcastle and the Royal College of Art in London during the 1970s, Frake has previously been known for his work in film, video and performance art, exhibiting works at festivals and galleries internationally. Today, he returns to this success, as a desire to paint and draw again has grown over time.

A journey of rediscovery has seen a range of influences combine to inform his new work; the writings of Franz Kafka and Robert Walser, the poetry of Georg Trakl, the Book of Revelations, the films and writings of Andrei Tarkovsky. A visit to the National Gallery of Scotland saw the discovery of a small work by the expressionist painter Chaim Soutine, Le Mas Passe-Temps, Ceret 1920-21. This went on to become a pivotal image in informing Frake’s new works, attracted to its swirling foray of thickly applied paint, darkness, distorted trees, and buildings.

These allusions resonate through a series that is dark in tone. A heavy bitumen base forms the substrate for most pieces from which, a process of removal, often competed over many days, reveals common motifs and themes through sanding, inscribing, and peeling techniques. Angels, trees, ladders, mountains, and tiny stick figures are revealed in negative against this thick, textural layer, emerging from darkness or perhaps immersed in it.

“Meeting Keith prior to lockdown, we were excited to explore this compelling and challenging series with him and recognise our continued commitment to explore media and styles that reflect the diverse faces of contemporary and traditional visual art. He has captured in this new series a narrative of darkness, challenge, power and hope that we feel will be particularly resonant to audiences at present.”

Between Heaven and Hell will be exhibited at Artizan Gallery, Lucius Street, Torquay from August 15th – September 5th and more information can be found at For more information on the work of Artizan Gallery, visit



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