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I was thrilled this year to have a painting selected to be shown with the 'ING DISCERNING EYE ART EXHIBITION IN LONDON'. 'National Carols' was chosen by the art collector Mervyn Metcalf from 6000 works down to just over 184 pieces in his gallery including my painting.

This is an amazing art exhibition, that, sadly, as with many exhibitions in 2020 ended up online only. If you have any spare time please do log on and have a look.

My painting National Carols was inspired by a trip last December. I went to london to meet a friend. We had parted and I was having a wander before catching my bus home. It was a special night, a beautiful night and I do think the painting works really well to capture the atmosphere of the evening. There's something else with this painting. This does not happen every time. Some works just have that extra edge, something almost unnerving and yet very beautiful. The screen unfortunately does not do it justice.

In my work I am currently drawn to what entertains us. I am pulled into certain situations normally with brightly coloured lights that have the effect on people and objects around them to give a feeling of warmth, cold or a mystery of some kind, often casting shadows.

In this painting I was interested in how the lights connect us. The carol singers literally had them strung around each other. I get a certain energy from lights, a buzz, I think we are all a bit like moths to the flame. We use the lights around entertainment to attract attention and in my case they help to lift your spirits. This special painting was not pre planned, I don't think about what I will paint next. I let my mind wander and my feet take me to new situations. If I find something that interests me I will take pictures and make sketches which may or may not make it to the canvas. A picture like this is so rare, everything has to come together at once. For an artist to paint they must be inspired, be in the right frame of mind and full of energy.

This year Mervyn Metcalf said about his choices:

'In my mind art should talk to you. It should draw an emotion. You should notice the piece as you walk by. It’s something you are excited to tell your friends about. The works I have selected for my virtual wall all said something to me. They all had a presence that made them stand out from 6000 works I saw over two long days on zoom.

If you are lucky enough to purchase a piece in the exhibition then get to know more about the artist. Follow them on Instagram. Post the work once it’s hung and tag the artist – let them see how you display their talented work. Maybe in future add more works from that same artist into your collection.

If you see a piece you like, buy it. Don’t worry what someone else might think of you. Collecting and displaying art is showing a part of your soul. If a piece of art has spoken to your soul then it's right for you. You have made a connection.'



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