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How your postcard donation will make a big difference…

The English Riviera Winter Open Exhibition has seen a couple of changes this year if you’re a submitting artist. For starters we’ve made the opportunity free which you can find out more about here

But you will have also hopefully spotted another change that makes this year’s submission process a bit unique and that’s the “Postcard Work Donation”. It’s an important change and it forms a part of your submission, so we thought we’d take a little time to explain it and why we’ve chosen to make it a part of this year’s opportunity.

So, let’s break it down:

“All selected artists will be asked to donate a postcard work to the exhibition.”

Simple enough, if your work is selected, we’re going to be asking you to donate a small work as part of your submission. But why are we asking you to do this and what will we do with these pieces?

Well, the plan is that all the postcards will form a part of a collection that will be used to fundraise for a programme of support that will run through 2021 given the likelihood that creatives may continue to struggle in the coming months. We want to make sure we’re ready to lend a hand and this is the next step in expanding our offer to artists.

What the fundraiser will look like, we don’t quite know yet; we may run an affordable art sale, a silent auction, an envelope lucky dip, but the aim will be to build up a fund that can make its way back to the artists we work with. This may be in the form of bursary exhibitions, small grants, investment in new resources and services, again we’re open to suggestions here, but it will be something that makes a difference.

We should probably also talk a little bit about what we’re expecting in a postcard donation:

“This should be a small work, no larger than A4 and need not be mounted or framed in anyway. It might be a sketch, study, collage, print or experimentation but whatever form it takes you should be comfortable presenting it as a representative example of your work or process.”

So, we’re really only asking for a very small piece, literally a postcard, a sample of what you do that you think will be a nice keepsake for an art buyer. There doesn’t need to be any frills but if you do want to make the piece a bit special that’s also fine. Ideally, we would ask though that this is an original piece of work as opposed to an fine art print or card.

But what if you’re a 3D artist? We understand that this submission format is not suitable for people working in all mediums, particularly 3D artists, so do contact us to discuss suitable submissions. Perhaps you sketch out concepts before creating pieces, maybe you do glaze tests or even have “seconds” sat on the shelf. It just needs to be a little something that someone could take away and love.

Once again, the Postcard Work, will form a part of your submission, so do think about what it might be when you apply.

We hope you’ll agree this is a worthwhile endeavour we’re embarking on as part of this years exhibition opportunity and as always if something doesn’t make sense, just reach out and ask!

The English Riviera Winter Open 2020 – A Port in A Storm for Devon’s Visual Arts -



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