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Cornwall to New York City: One giant leap for me kind

When I moved to the city that never sleeps, unless it snows, I knew it was for the right reasons. I was in love, and still am, with a man who had enticed me over with his siren ways. What I did not know at the time was that it would also start a new sub chapter in my book of life called “Photography”.

I started to think the way of the pixel when I just started to mess about on my IPhone and the end results were rather good. Looking back, the first statement I made as a photographer was a picture of a brick wall when I was 6 years old. I knew it was different and I knew that I liked it, but I never thought it would lead to people buying my work. I am now in 15 countries and have just had my first solo exhibition in Torquay at Artizan Gallery. I had to leave the country to have an exhibition, that’s how performance arty I am.

Some people have very strong feelings about using the iPhone as a camera. In some instances I agree; wedding photographers should never turn up to a job and use an iPhone. But if you are an art photographer, it does not matter. I class myself as a communicator; I am aware how that makes me sound but it is the best description. It covers performance, writing, photography, painting and performance art ( People that know, and own, my work understand that generally I do something to the picture so that it is changed from everyday life. The New York skyline has been of great inspiration to me; the iconic statement that it makes is what draws many tourists to the city.

Now, my strongest outlet is photography and I am returning to college soon to take my training further. I have work coming up as a set designer for a play and this excites me as it is a different use of my photographic skills. I am also working on my next exhibition “Not looking at You” that is exploring personal security in the street and the use of Apple products.

Moving to New York from Cornwall was a giant leap, but it was good for me. It has let me grow in many aspects of my life and the people I have met here have been inspirational to me.



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