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Contemporary British Printmakers - Browser Offer

Updated: Feb 20

Poster Image promoting the Contemporary British Printmakers Call

Open Call Offer

Artizan Collective CIC have been invited to curate a supporting exhibition of Contemporary British Printmakers for Delamore 2024 which will feature in their stable block exhibition area alongside regular participants South West Academy.

As part of this, we have a limited number of “browser only” exhibition spaces available which we are pleased to be making available on a selective submission basis.

About the Opportunity


Delamore arts is an annual month-long exhibition that has been running successfully for just over 20 years. It attracts artists and visitors from across the UK with all works selected by a panel of judges to ensure and maintain a high standard of work. Whilst its focus initially was on sculptural works that are placed within the grounds and the house, 2D works have become an important part of the offer and adorn the walls in the main house salon style to compliment a supporting collection of interior 3D works that are placed there.

Proceeds from the exhibition support a designated charity that is selected each year by Delamore.


SWAc are regular participants occupying a second space in the stable block, a short walk away from the house. Their participation is seen as a valuable addition to the overall event, providing visitors with more to see and to choose from. Delamore regularly sees repeat visitors for whom this event is part of their arts calendar and many of those visitors come with the intent to buy. There is a café on site so most visitors will spend several hours and fully explore all that is on offer.

Contemporary British Printmakers - Browser Only Offer

This offer is designed to be an accessible offer for printmakers all over the country who may wish to take part in this exciting opportunity to be a part of one of the UKs core annual arts events.

The offer allows you to submit up to 10 mounted and wrapped browser works with a maximum of 7 being selected for display in browser. Multiple editions of each work can be made available, or orders will be taken up to the maximum number of the print run on a direct shipment basis.

What’s Included

  • Exhibition of 7 mounted works in browser at Delamore Sculpture and Arts Trail 2024

  • Profile page on Delamore website

  • Profile page on Artizan website

  • Feature on exhibition hub page

The deadline for submissions is 24th March with confirmations of success made by 26th March.



Full Details



The exhibition will have a dedicated online hub within our own website, and all artists will also have their own individual presence on the Delamore website. Additionally, every artist will have a dedicated profile created within our exhibition hub where they can list an unlimited number of works to be promoted to the Delamore audience that do not physically appear in the exhibition.

All submitted works will be listed on our own dedicated exhibition page. Two images per artists will feature in the Delamore catalogue along with a brief artist statement.

Other Promotion

Supporting flyering, and extensive event listings, press inclusions and paid advertising are carried out by Delamore, and its long-running pedigree guarantees returning audiences. Artizan will support these efforts with its own campaign promoting their attendance and inclusion in this year’s event.


Delamore attracts an audience in excess of 6,000 annually with a consistent record for high sales both from the sculpture trail and supporting exhibitions. In continuing to evolve the event and promoting the new offers such as this, they show their commitment to growing audiences.

With the highly selective nature of the Delamore offer, we feel that this is a unique opportunity to reach their audience of collectors. We have decided to focus on the medium of printmaking to make our presence there distinctive from the other elements, a valuable addition that we hope will appeal to their audience and allow us to build upon in successive years.

The Space

The space that we shall be using sits within the Delamore grounds and forms part of the stable block. The stable area has become well known for a number of years as hosting the Southwest Academy Exhibition.  It is an adapted space, with white walls and beams, and whilst it is not a white box venue it is well-lit and characterful which we believe will work well with what we are proposing.

Stewarding and Demonstrations

Artizan will fully curate and intend to fully steward the exhibition but if any artist would like to spend a day or half day at Delamore that would be welcomed. All artists are welcome to attend the launch event.

We plan to take a small press for any artist who would like to visit during the exhibition and offer small demonstrations of their practice.

Key Dates:

  • Full Submission: 24th March, Midnight 

  • Confirmation of Success: 26th March, Midnight

  • Delivery of work to Artizan Gallery: 8th – 14th April

  • Setup Dates: w/c 21st April

  • Launch: 28th April, 12:00-17:00

  • Exhibition Dates: 1st – 31st

  • Delamore “Sold Works” Collection Date: 1st – 4th June

  • Collection of “Unsold Works” from Artizan Gallery:  w/c 3rd June


Browser Only Offer: £20 (total) for a submission of 10 works (see offer details for selection process). The submission fee is non-refundable. 45% commission based on an agreed commission split with Delamore’s chosen charity


A full submission consists of:

  • Artist Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone

  • A 100 word Artist Statement

  • Details of 10 Works:

    • Title

    • Media

    • Dimensions (inclusive of any mounting)

  • Images (provided separately via email or file transfer)

  • Confirmation of Terms

  • Fee Payment (payable at

If successful you will be asked to provide the below for each selected entry:

  • Price

  • Edition details including the total number of editions to be made available for sale (either physically or via direct shipping)



Terms and Additional Notes

Presentation and Standards

-          All submissions must be original works in a printmaking media

-          Framed works must be in high quality frames with d-ring fixings on the reverse.

-          Glazed works must be behind glass only NOT Perspex

-          Browser works must be wrapped and mounted

-          Additional editions must be provided in a suitable safe storage vehicle

Deliveries/Collections and Participation

-          All deliveries and collections of work to be exhibited will be made to/from Artizan Gallery, including in the case of any couriering.

-          All work for exhibition must be safely packaged to avoid damage and if you would like your work returned in its original packaging after the exhibition you should label the exterior of the packaging with your name and the title of the work and use non-damaging tape.  If the original packaging cannot be used Artizan Collective CIC will charge for any packaging that we are obliged to provide.  Artizan Collective CIC does not accept any liability for damage to work that has not been delivered safely packaged.

-          Work must be delivered and collected in a timely fashion as per the dates expressed in the details of the exhibition which you have received. Please ensure you are aware of these dates before agreeing to these terms. Any variation from these dates must be agreed with the gallery in advance. Failure to meet these arrangements may result in your work not being exhibited.

-          Any items not collected by the deadline – and where no arrangement for delay has been agreed beforehand – may incur a storage charge of £5 per day.

-          Attendance at the launch event is highly encouraged but not mandatory.


-          All framed works will remain for the duration of the exhibition in line with Delamore’s collections policy and will be available to collect direct from Delamore, Artizan Gallery (Torquay), or the artists address where permission has been given in advance.

-          All purchases of unframed editions will be available to take from the exhibition immediately.

-          All orders of unframed editions not made available from the exhibition will either be:

o   Shipped by the artist at a flat rate of £10 charged to the buyer (dispatched within one week of payment confirmation from Artizan);

o   Made available for collection from Delamore, Artizan Collective Gallery (Torquay) on the agreed collection date;

o   Made available for collection directly from the artist where permission is given in advance.

Deadlines and Provision of Materials

-          All scheduled deadlines outlined in the Key Dates section must be met promptly to avoid the risk of not being included in any areas of the exhibition delivery

-          All images must be of sufficient quality for print promotion (300dpi at least 1mb size) and identified in the following format “brandonjulie-nightsky-oilonboard-42x56cm-200”


-          Artizan Collective CIC produces promotional materials for use online, on social media, in email newsletters, and in print publications.  Exhibiting artists are expected to participate in actively promoting the exhibition alongside these promotional activities.

-          Artizan Collective CIC retains the rights to any and all promotional materials produced for the exhibition, and will retain creative control of the layout, content, and design of all promotional materials.  Draft copies of promotional materials may be sent to you (with the publishing deadline clearly visible) for proofreading and fact-checking purposes only, and any inaccuracies must be reported to Artizan Collective CIC before the publishing deadline.  Artizan Collective CIC does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies that are not reported before the publishing deadline.

Online Shop

-          Artizan Collective CIC maintains contact with long-distance clients via email newsletters and other online platforms.  Works exhibited will be marketed to interested collectors via email and also put up for sale in the online shop at the same price as in the exhibition on a dedicated exhibition page. This dedicated exhibition page will remain as an archive of the exhibition for the lifetime of the site.

Artizan Social Media Accounts

-          Artizan Collective CIC expects artists exhibiting at the gallery to tag our social media accounts in any promotional posts for the exhibition, and to share any promotional posts produced by the gallery for the exhibition.  Please make sure you have liked or followed any of the appropriate accounts prior to the start of your exhibition.  Social media account details are:

-          Facebook: /artizangallery

-          Twitter: @ArtizanGallery

-          Instagram: @ArtizanGallery

-          Youtube: /c/ArtizangalleryUk


-          Artizan Collective CIC has the use of two websites, Artizan Gallery ( and a sister site Arthub (  All exhibition content will be hosted on a dedicated page on the Arthub site for the lifetime of the site and this will be the main point of contact for information. Artizan Collective CIC carries out extensive written, photographic and film documentation of all exhibitions which will be found here.


-          Exhibition partners and sponsors often support the work of Artizan Collective CIC, and their details will be promoted throughout the exhibition. Artizan Collective CIC is grateful to the businesses who recognise the value of local arts and culture through this support and encourages all participating artists to help demonstrate this gratitude in any of their associated social media and promotional efforts.


-          Where possible Artizan Collective CIC aims to take high quality photographs of all pieces displayed for promotion purposes and may use these images to promote your work or the work of the gallery after the exhibition you are participating in has finished.

-          All images taken of your work by the gallery are the property of the gallery. If you wish to use them for promotion of your work outside of this exhibition high resolution copies suitable for print and web promotion can be made available. Contact Artizan Collective CIC for full details of their photographic services.

Film and Video

-          Artizan Collective CIC produces film and video content in relation to their work and exhibitions. As part of this you may be invited to interview in relation to your involvement in the exhibition or your work may appear in footage captured at the exhibition. Provided image material may also be used as part of this video content where it its relevant to the promotion of your work or the exhibition your work is a part of. There is no obligation to directly appear in video content if you do not wish to, but your work may still be shown.

Availability of Work and Pricing

-          Artizan Collective will remain the sole representative for exhibited work for the period covering four weeks before the exhibition start date to four weeks after the exhibition closing date; any enquiries about exhibited work from outside the exhibition during this time must be directed to Artizan Collective, and any external sales during this period should be brought to our attention for appropriate commission to be negotiated. Any work that has been submitted may not be withdrawn from the exhibition without the prior approval of Artizan Collective; buyers should be made aware that any work purchased may be required for the duration of the exhibition if removal would have a detrimental effect on the curation of the exhibition.  Work may not be taken from the exhibition without prior approval for the duration of the exhibition – except in the case of a sale from the exhibition – and any sales of work for four weeks before and after the exhibition may not be advertised at a lower price than the exhibition prices; you may privately negotiate lower prices with buyers, but prices advertised on your website and in other exhibitions must not be lower. If work is found to be advertised at a lower price during this period, the artist will be required to update the price accordingly with 48 hours’ notice or Artizan Collective will seek payment of 33% of the difference in marked price regardless of sale of the work. Price parity is essential to building confidence in the commercial art market and failure to meet these guidelines will undermine the success of your exhibition as well as the wider work carried out by Artizan Collective and partners.

Payment and Insurance

Details of fees can be found in the exhibition call.

Our preferred payment method is by BACS but we will also accept cheques or cash.

Cheques payable to Artizan Collective CIC, by cash, or by BACS:

Bank: NatWest | Account: Artizan Collective CIC | Account Number: 74950010 | Sort Code: 557001

Payment for Work Sold

Artizan Collective CIC will notify you of any sale of your work as and when sales occur; all payment for works sold are settled after the end of the exhibition.  Payment will be made by direct bank transfer (BACS) and will be made a maximum of 30 days after the end of the exhibition.


It is highly recommended that all artists must have their own insurance when exhibiting at any venue. We recommend

Contact Details

Please ensure you provide up to date contact details when submitting your application including at least one phone number, email address and postal address.

Artizan Collective CIC

Julie Brandon

Phone: 01803 428626

Mobile: 07522 509642

Jacob Brandon

Mobile 2: 07762 9211571

C/O Artizan Gallery

7 Lucius Street





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