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Celebrating Young Carers – Creative Commission

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

UPDATE 03-02-2021: Due to the changing situation, the requirement for in person activity outlined within this opportunity is no longer compulsory. In person activity can still form a part of proposals but projects that are delivered entirely remotely are welcomed. We have also therefore extended the deadline to Monday 8th February to allow for applications taking account of these changes.

In partnership with Torbay Youth Trust, Artizan Collective is delighted to be commissioning a creative producer to lead a series of workshops with young people to help them explore the “development and evolution of their caring roles”. Delivered over multiple sessions with different age groups, the project will allow individual participants to create their own piece of work that comes together to form part of a collective whole that will be showcased in Spring 2021.

More details can be found below, and submission information can be found in the downloadable PDF.


It is anticipated that due to the current restrictions resulting from the national lockdown that all proposals for this opportunity will require the flexibility to be delivered, at least in part, remotely.

Torbay Youth Trust is seeking applications from artists, workshop leaders and creative practitioners to deliver a project with their young carers that will celebrate the “development and evolution of their caring roles”.

The project is to be delivered by March 31st and will work with three individual groups of young carers across three age ranges, Primary School 7-10, 11 to 14, and 15 to 18.

Each session will work with up to 8 young people (maximum 5 in face-to-face settings) with participants producing their own individual project that should come together to form part of a collective whole in a final showcase.

Project Goals and Criteria

The main aim of the project is to celebrate the roles of the young carers supported by the Torbay Youth Trust, with a focus on their changing role during their time with the trust. In addition, Torbay Youth Trust has the following ambitions and requirements for the project:

  • Submissions are welcomed across all artforms;

  • The project should allow each young person to produce their own individual piece of work, with each individual piece coming together to form a collective whole; this may take the form of an exhibition or showcase, a combined installation, or other presentation format that brings together the work of the three groups;

  • The project will in some part be exhibited at Artizan Gallery in 2021, but should not be limited to this display setting and applicants may wish to take into consideration the opportunity for this installation to tour to additional sites;

  • The project should be accessible and rewarding, allowing the young person to achieve a complete work over one or multiple sessions across the project period, inclusive of any finishing processes such as firing;

  • The project should be consistent across the three workshops, but also take into account differing abilities across each age group;

  • The project will be documented as it progresses collaboratively between the successful producer and Torbay Youth Trust staff;

  • By necessity, due to the current circumstances, any activity must conform with current lockdown regulations and may need to be delivered remotely, but should plan to include as much “face-to-face” activity as practical (see section 4.1);

  • For accessibility purposes, face-to-face activity delivered as part of the project must be delivered in Torbay.

  • Most importantly, the project should be exciting and engaging for the young people at the heart of Torbay Youth Trust’s work.

Eligibility and Applicant Specification


The applicant should:

  • Have professional experience of the main artform in their proposal;

  • Have previous experience working with young people;

  • Be able to provide examples of previous projects and their outcomes;

  • Be capable of delivering project activity remotely via use of appropriate tools;

  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the project ambitions and ethos of Torbay Youth Trust.


The applicant may:

  • Have experience working with young people with additional needs and complex backgrounds;

  • Hold a current DBS check, but this is not essential as the young people will be accompanied by two members of Torbay Youth Trust staff;

  • Be based, reside, or carry out a proportion of their work in Torbay.

Fee and Expectations

This call is to award one successful project proposal. There is a fee of £2000.00 available to the selected applicant to deliver the project which must cover all the outcomes of the proposal including:

  • All materials and resources

  • Presentation of final project

  • Processing such as firing

  • Any required equipment

  • Payments to any partners, collaborators or service providers

The selected applicant is responsible for administering all aspects of the budget for the project and Artizan Collective will release funds incrementally as invoices are received or costs are incurred across the duration of the project.

For further information including COVID Secure considerations, Risk Assessments, Evaluation, and Timelines, please download the full submission PDF here.

The deadline for applications is Midnight February 5th.

All workshop activity will need to be completed by March 31st

All application enquiries should be directed to



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