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Chrystine Jones

Geopark Ambassador Artist

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Chrystine Jones

Reality & Imagination

"In 2016, as part of an artist/maker group, I was involved in the designing and making of costumes for the GeoOpera, Earth Echoes. This was a production for the opening ceremony of the 7th international conference on UNESCO global geoparks. The research involved during the project made me aware of how significant and important my hometown is.

Since then, I have produced various artworks with an aim to raise awareness of geoparks. My current work with pewter takes its inspiration from The English Riviera Geopark and being something I am deeply passionate about I will continue to use this extraordinary landscape and heritage as my main inspiration in future works."

Chrystine creates an alternative to traditional paintings on canvas. She is fascinated by the way pewter can be given vitality and beauty by the many shapes, textures, and patinas that are possible when exposed to the elemental forces or water, air and fire. Some are spontaneous, but others are more controlled.

​She is inspired by landscapes, natural organic, geometric forms and particularly the coastlines near her home. The motion and textures in the sea are most fascinating and these, along with fossils and rock formation patterns, are recreated in her pewter images. She is constantly exploring new ways of distilling the texture and tones of the landscape into the metal, thereby imbuing it not only with a colourful vitality but with the preciousness of place.

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