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The Violet Hour at The Blue Walnut Cafe and Visiting Artists in Torbay February 2018

I called my reviews of Ian Beech's Poetry Island, at The Blue Walnut Cafe Chelston Torquay, The Violet Hour because of the feelings it invoked after a long day at work and the soothing effect of the poetry. The Violet Hour comes from TS Eliot's The Wasteland, with its references to work and isolation.

I call the reviews for Stanza Extravaganza at the Artizan Gallery Lucius Street Torquay "I Woke, The Town Spoke" after the Dylan Thomas poem. This reflects the open mic format of Stanza and its amazingly eclectic poets.

Poetry Island is now Big Poetry, hosted by Robert Garnham and Samantha Boarer, where I had the pleasure to be asked to perform on Thursday night to a packed venue. The headliner was Miserable Malcolm who happily at one point plagiarised The Wasteland and it's coffee spoons. The violet hour slipped away that night to be replaced by a free wheeling interactive laugh out loud evening. Julie Mullen's Facebook photos do justice to the atmosphere. I loved Poetry Island, and Big Poetry still has those quiet thought provoking moments, Tim King allowed us to hold his hand for a short while. Being a more wordy poet, my poetry mirrors my art; I love a symbol and an allegory and I had a lovely response from an audience member afterwards.

So goodbye The Violet Hour.

Next month brings another title along with Big Poetry.

Big hearts and Big love to Ian Beech

The following Friday night I went to the Art of You at Artizan Gallery to say hello to the painting I did when I was 9 years old. How lovely to have my painting hanging next to Jacob Brandon's watercolour also, he thinks, completed when he was 9 years olds. Both paintings were proudly framed by a parent. I hated my painting, the reasons why accompany the painting. Jacob's watercolour is much more accomplished. My dad didn't work in watercolours so he only showed me how to use oil paints; I've never accomplished watercolours either. The relative that taught Jacob must also had a talent as an artist, or excellent teaching skills.

The exhibition is diverse, using film, audio and 3D images, and interesting about the reasons why we feel the need to create.

You can visit my notebook on to read about the adventures of a child artist

I also had the pleasure of visiting the Riviera Art Fair at The Spanish Barn Torre Abbey. At last all Torbay talent can be seen under one, very splendid, roof. Some exceptionally good work on display including Cherry Lyons lovely little oil paintings. It's on until 25th February. I'll be there from 11-1:30pm on 24th if you want to know the story behind the two works I have on display. I am thrilled these two collages won three awards between them including two winners.

I have submitted my acrylic painting 'Is Your All on the Altar? (sacred relics 1950-59) to the RA Summer Exhibiton 2018. The results are in March.

If you want to visit this artist, I am headlining at Stanza Extravaganza in April and also performing at Julie Mullen's Word Cafe The Cott Inn Dartington in April.

I will be taking part in Devon Open Studios in September in Brixham.

RA submission 2018



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