Kevin Cowell

Geopark Ambassador Artist

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Reality & Imagination

Born in Torquay, Kevin's signature panoramic compositions have their early influence in far more distant shores, after meeting top Australian panoramic photographer Ken Duncan. On his return to England, he started to investigate the panoramic format. Using a Widelux swing lens camera, with limited shutter speeds he produced images for an exhibition in 2001, which was a great success. Moving up to a Fuji 617 panoramic camera, along with a Hassleblad Xpan, he produced further exhibitions and culminated in the release of his first book Devon Riviera Moods. On the back of the growing interest in his work, Kevin opened his gallery in his hometown of Torquay, a constant source of scenes for his cameras lens.

Kevin's pursuit for the perfect image is a never-ending experience. Each and every view is seen as a work in progress. The diversity of nature provides an ever-changing scene, exerting her influence through the elements of wind, water and the sun. Creating a unique moment in time, this translates, into an emotional portrait of the power and beauty of our living planet. The never-ending facets of nature's palette, along with the natural elements, evoke emotions which Kevin endeavours to communicate to the viewer.

The panoramic format provides a wonderful natural view, and one which is perhaps most suited for capturing the expansive coastlines, unbroken cliffs and dramatic curve of Tor Bay. It lends itself, when combined with superior lenses and fine-grained film, to enable large prints to be produced maintaining superb detail.

"In a digital world you cannot beat the wonderful aesthetic feel that film gives."

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