Wheel of Love - Celebratory Showcase

Young Carers Action Day 2022
Virtual Tour
Mar 15, 2022
16th March
18:00 - 20:00

Artizan Gallery

Mar 16, 2022

Come together to view artwork created by the Young Carers of Torbay in awareness & support of Young Carers Action Day

Wheel of Love - Celebratory Showcase

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Wheel of Love - Celebratory Showcase

Celebrating Young Carers

About the Exhibition

A remotely delivered series of workshops which brought together young carers from across Torbay to create a giant ‘Wheel of Love’, an art piece inspired by the spiritual mandala style, will belatedly be celebrated a year later as the final work is showcased for the first time!

Torbay Youth Trust commissioned the project with the support of Artizan Collective CIC following another successful series of creative workshops run during the first lockdown with Participate Arts. The new call sought ambitious proposals that could work flexibly given uncertainty at the time, but still offer a meaningful and valuable experience for the young people the Trust supports.

Caring, nurturing and compassion are behaviours found throughout all the natural world including many animal and bird species. The ‘Wheel of Love’ project, which was delivered by visual artist and designer Shiraaz Ali, was an opportunity for the young carers Torbay Youth Trust supports to explore their evolving role in a positive, fulfilling and collective way.

The project is based on the Mandala, a pattern believed to be created using sacred geometry which guides the very atoms that make us and the solar system that we inhabit. The ‘Wheel of Love’ is inspired by the dedication, compassion and unconditional love inherent in caring in all its forms.

Each participant received a panel that forms part of the Mandala whole and materials with which to decorate it. Through guided sessions, they were given the opportunity to explore different materials, techniques and styles, before applying what they learnt to their panel, with the opportunity to express their experiences through this creative outlet. All the panels have now been brought together to form a one and half metre wide mandala style wheel, which will go on display at Artizan Gallery and tour to other venues, before finding a permanent display with the Trust.

The project was also supported by South Devon College and the South Devon Marine Academy who constructed the panels and framework.

The project was funded by the Imagine This Torbay Partnership.