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Landscape, Stems, And Form

Works of Ali Hirst, Jane Hirst and Kathy Nettles
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Sep 17, 2024
20th September

Artizan Gallery

Oct 5, 2024

Landscape, Stems, And Form

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Landscape, Stems, And Form

Taking A Deeper Look

Connecting With The Landscape and Environment

Artizan are pleased to announce an exhibition of works by three Devon based artists, Ali Hirst, Jane Hirst and Kathy Nettles, two painters and a potter,

The trio of artists share a deep desire to understand their local environment and landscape, and to convey this understanding to their audience.

For Kathy, Jane and Ali, the beauty lies in the small, often overlooked details and elements that compose a unique landscape. It is these minor details that capture their attention and instill in them a desire to bring this uniqueness to the notice of others.

The two painters, Jane and Kathy, work in natural materials such as oils, linseed and wood and both work directly from their chosen subject. Kathy usually starts with abstract marks on paper as she captures the lines, light and atmosphere of a place, then refines and finishes her work back at her studio. Her process begins as she tries ‘to capture, on the paper, what I see, hear and feel, using words, colour and marks that suggest rather than directly recreate the subject in front of me’.

Jane, also works directly from nature beginning her process en-plein air having spent many days getting to know the space intimately, and then finishing her work back at the studio. She explains her process is a ‘searching for a way to find balance and harmony’ ‘Through my brushes and canvas, when to pause, what to explore, reflection, solitude with nature, ’

Ali's creations are brought to life in clay. She has developed a combination of slabbing, coiling and sprigging techniques. She explains that she ‘really enjoys the technical challenge of building larger pieces and exploring different ways of working with coloured slips, using transfers and gold lustre to create layers of images on the surface of the clay’.

Each of these artists has a strong and unique voice and style. Yet, their work complements one another beautifully. The combination of painting and pottery provides a diverse yet harmonious artistic element to their exhibition. Regardless of their varying mediums, their shared passion for nature and local landscapes binds them together, creating a collective voice that is as resonant as it is diverse.

The exhibition will feature a selection of Ali, Jane and Kathy's recent paintings and pottery and there will be an opening night on 20th September 6-8 PM to include a meet-and-greet with the artist, as well as light refreshments.

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