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Artizan Relaunch 2020

Torbay Guild Summer Show Award Winners
Virtual Tour
Feb 14, 2020
February 13th

Artizan Gallery

Feb 29, 2020

An exhibition of award winning artists from the Torbay Guild 2019 Summer Showcase.

Artizan Relaunch 2020

Artizan Relaunch 2020

As we get excited for the year ahead, Artizan Gallery reopens its doors with a celebration of the year gone by welcoming the Artizan Award Winners of Torbay Guild's 2019 Summer showcase.

Selected from a shortlist of ten 2D and 3D artists, Allan Poxton (3D winner) and Alan Gregory (2D winner) join us in February for a two week showcase to kick off our 2020 programme. Gregory, known for his stunning landscape work of Devon and Spain, returns to Artizan after his last exhibition with us in 2017, sharing the space with renowned Torbay wire sculptor Allan Poxton.

We're delighted to also be able to welcome the rest of the shortlisted artists to display a small collection of work in our Courtyard Gallery and the exhibition runs alongside Torbay Guilds Winter exhibition, 2020 Vision of Art hosted in the Spanish Barn.

The exhibition runs from 14th-29th February with a launch evening on 13th February, 18:00-20:00

3D Artists
Allan Poxton (3D Winner, Main Gallery)
Joshua Charles (3D Nominee, Courtyard Gallery)
Catherine Rogers (3D Nominee, Courtyard Gallery)

2D Artists
Alan Gregory (2D Winner, Main Gallery)
Peter Blakesley (2D Nominee, Courtyard Gallery)
Viv Plewes (2D Nominee, Courtyard Gallery)
Rebecca Holley (2D Nominee, Courtyard Gallery)
Ashley Raddon (2D Nominee, Courtyard Gallery)

Exhibiting Artists