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Featuring works of Andy Cairns
Virtual Tour
Apr 16, 2022
15th April
18:00 - 20:00

Artizan Gallery

May 7, 2022



Rescuing and Repurposing

Recycling is central to my art – rescuing materials that have been abandoned, valuing them, and giving them a new sense of purpose. I believe that waste is one of the worst aspects of society – wasting the potential of many people as well as our resources.

I work in the field of assemblage – bringing together different elements to create interesting juxtapositions and harmonies. I am particularly interested in developing the stories that objects want to tell when combined together – be they historical, biographical or imaginary.

I am drawn to old, corroded, weathered materials and artefacts. I find that when materials and artefacts that have a history embedded in their surfaces come together there is a tremendous chatter and creative energy as they begin to weave new narratives that take their history and embellish it in imaginative ways.

I try to capture this chatter in my work, configuring the individual elements into a composition that sets off creative narratives in the mind of the viewer.

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