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The Power and the Glory

Works of Sara Vaci
Aug 5, 2020
5th August

Artizan Gallery

Aug 11, 2020

Exploring identities and relationships with our bodies

The Power and the Glory

The Power and the Glory

The Power and the Glory

Exploring Identity

In 2019, Sarah Vaci presented 'Pest', a destructive and ironic work featured in The Guardian, and an ode to the forces of the minuscule in the face of ultimate power. Pompously, gloriously presented world leaders, reimagined in the form of wool portraits, face their demise in the minute nibbling of moth larvae. One year on, whether completely disintegrated or barely nibbled at, these portraits have developed new meaning that enrich our understanding of the modern, and rapidly changing, world. Vaci's focus has since shifted from world leaders, but continues to explore power relationships, adjusting her lens onto more intimate worlds.

In 'Navel Daze' she explores identities and relationships with our bodies. An intimate portrayal of the navel as a landscape manipulated to create a fascinating interplay of abstractions and visual intrigue, as well focussing on sexuality and subjectivity in the frame of social media. During lockdown, Vaci has continued in this vein. 'Domestic Nudes' explores the power balance of the home, interweaving issues of gender identity and sexuality, domesticity and the body.

The dichotomy of domestic and sexual, male and female, passive viewer and active participant are all running threads throughout The Power and The Glory and a diverse and intriguing range of textile art, photography, sculpture and insects awaits!

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