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Norwegian Inspiration

Works of Pauline Talbot
Nov 2, 2018

Artizan Gallery

Nov 24, 2018

Works of Pauline Talbot, exhibited November 2018.

Norwegian Inspiration

Norwegian Inspiration

Peace in Nature

A Visual Record, Evoking Memories

The natural world for many artists is a diverse and expansive source of inspiration, it's power and beauty evoking experience which is at once uniquely personal and universally shared in us all. For Pauline Talbot, it is the solitude, quiet and sense of place within nature that guides her richly vibrant and textural work. The influence of the natural world is resonant both in her 2D oil and mixed media landscapes, and unusual forms of her 3D ceramics and sculptures.

Also joining us in September as part of Devon Open Studios, Pauline will be showing a mixture of her work across her 2D and 3D practice.

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