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Traditional Mastery

Works of Richard Slater RI and Arthur Homeshaw RWA
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Jan 21, 2022

Artizan Gallery

Feb 12, 2022

Traditional Mastery

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Traditional Mastery

This exhibition will provide an exploration of work from across the breadth of these artists' careers, offering insight into the technical mastery they demonstrate in their respective mediums.

Artizan Gallery is fortunate to hold a significant collection from both artists including the largest commercial collection of Homeshaw's works. For several years now it has been rewarding to see the recognition for these two talented practitioners grow, with Slater achieving sell-out shows, and Homeshaw receiving a high level of attention from collectors. In this special showcase, Artizan looks forward to once again celebrating the successes of both these artists, in a joint show that will allow their works to compliment and contrast each other through careful selection from their collections.

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