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Trees, Rocks And Moor

Works of Kerry Johnstone
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Apr 26, 2023

Artizan Gallery

May 20, 2023

Trees, Rocks And Moor

Trees, Rocks And Moor

Inspired By Nature

Observing Fragility

Nature is a broad theme and my chosen approach – to focus on ‘Trees, Rocks and Moor’- reflects my appreciation for these natural resources. I lived in Malawi for a few years and saw the devastation that comes with high population, reliance on wood for fuel, and unreliable rainfall patterns. Malawi has lost most of its tree cover, which in turn has made it even more vulnerable to floods and droughts. It is hard to imagine, as we look around us at the lushness of spring, that the water reservoir levels in the South-West are lower than they should be for this time of year. What will our countryside look like in years to come?

I celebrate trees, whether they are the unglamorous ones hiding in hedgerows, or those ‘special’ trees that dominate the landscape and can be seen from far away. We are lucky to have very old trees that have been around for centuries, for example, the ancient, twisted oaks of Wistman’s Wood.

Rocks continue to fascinate me – their shapes, often the negative spaces around them, the interesting plant life that grows on them, the ability of trees and their roots to grow in and around them - these all make rocks a wonderful subject. That Dartmoor’s granite dates back 280 million years is a cause for reflection.

And finally, the Moor – Dartmoor provides an incredible opportunity, with its mixture of farming, open moorland, deep river valleys, and craggy tors, for people to reconnect with nature. It’s a haven for wildlife and probably the closest we can get to ‘wilderness’ in this part of the world. The mossy greens and rustic reds and oranges of Dartmoor are something I’ve gone back to capture time and time again.

Give me rocks, trees and open moorland, and I couldn’t be happier. I hope this exhibition of work reflects this.

Kerry will be joined by fellow Mixed Media textile artist Chloë Morter.

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