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Paean to the Sea

Featuring works of Katie Jamieson
Virtual Tour
May 14, 2022
13th May
18;00 - 20:00

Artizan Gallery

Jun 4, 2022

Paean to the Sea

Paean to the Sea

Impermanence and Fragility

Since childhood I have found myself drawn to the oceans, rivers and lakes, and the industrial landscapes that have infringed upon them. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of these two opposing worlds, and the beauty in the abandoned and decaying architectural structures as they are reclaimed by nature. I have always swum in open water; each immersion reawakens me to a connection and relationship with something greater than myself; this is the same connection I feel when I paint.

This exhibition is a meditative offering to the littoral landscape in all its impermanence and fragility. The works attempt to capture the raw, ephemeral energy of the water, the erosion of the manmade structures that inhabit it, and the marks and remnants that are left behind.

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