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Creating for a New World

Presenting works of the Kernow Creative Partnership
Virtual Tour
May 18, 2021
15th May

Artizan Gallery

May 29, 2021

Creating for a New World

Creating for a New World

Reflections On Our World

Collaborative Contemporary Works

Kernow Creative Partnership was born out of lockdown and has been working ever since in collaboration to try to make sense of the current situation and to reach out for a brighter future.

The subject work ranges from the darkness felt by the artists during the worst of the pandemic, also reflecting the environmental crisis and black lives matter themes which have also been relevant in recent months.

In contrast to this there is hope for the future and sections in the exhibition look to this new world with closer collaborations within our communities which has been heartening to see.

This will be a thought-provoking exhibition incorporating a wide range of styles and mediums, with pieces that have been created by more than one of our artist and include different art forms intertwined.

Exhibiting Artists