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Contemporary Works of William Mills
Virtual Tour
Jan 23, 2020
23rd January

Artizan Collective CIC

Feb 3, 2020

Emerging English Riviera, contemporary abstract artist William Mills hosts 'Horizons' his debut solo exhibition with the Artizan Collective Gallery.



Emerging Talent

Atmospheric Abstracts

Horizons' is the first showcase of this emerging English Riviera artist, and features works from his 'Above and Beyond' and 'Your Horizon' series', collections of bold, contemporary, abstract work with a powerful modern feel.

Making strong strides into this new career path as a fulltime artist, Mills curates a showcase that bridges the old and new at a transitional point in his output following a successful end to 2019. Emerging from the ‘Horizons’ series, typified by free-flowing lines which find their home in rich colourscapes, a clear evolution can be seen as the young artist embarks into ‘Above and Beyond’, which promises to challenge audiences with a presentation between seascape, landscape and abstraction that will be recognisably Turneresque.

In the work, and through his own honest acknowledgement, this is visibly an artist at a turning point, creating compulsively, fervently, deliberately, to find a voice that is true to himself. And the results speak for themselves.

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