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On the Edge of Infinity | Coastal Resonance

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Jul 2, 2019
6th July

Artizan Gallery

Jul 22, 2019

Husband and wife duo Andrea and Jerry Shearing come together for a collaborative show of uniquely individual coastal inspired works which explore the lengths of the South Coast, in two distinct exhibitions; Jerry Shearing's 'On the Edge of Infinity' and Andrea Shearing's 'Coastal Resonance'. Through this shared theme, they explore the diversity of interpretation available in this dramatic natural environment.

On the Edge of Infinity | Coastal Resonance

On the Edge of Infinity | Coastal Resonance

On the Edge of Infinity, draws together recent works by artist Jerry Shearing with his passion for the written word. Having held an interest in the concept of infinity for a long time, the exhibition explores efforts to express this idea in visual language, with individual pieces supported by written compositions as he strives for representation towards the infinite.

The series focuses on the stretch of coastline between Hastings and Brighton, as well as Sussex and areas in and around Torbay. In particular, Jerry explores the apparent permanence and solidity of the chalk cliffs of Sussex with their distinct character, against the contrasting fluidity of the sea and vast expanse of the sky. "I am intrigued by the nature of the sea, wrapping itself around the sphere of our planet; we view the horizon, the line where the sea meets the sky, but in reality, the sea in fact falls away and disappears, whilst the sky continues on, a void leading to infinity."

The exhibition features paintings and drawings exploring this triality of sea, sky and land, often in triptych form, with a tendency towards to abstract, though representational nuances populate the work with suggestions of the three natural elements.

Andrea Shearing's work looks to challenge the traditional form of the rectangular, wall hung painting. Her Coastal Resonance series defies the expectations of 2D visual art in work that breaks the barriers between the sculptural and the traditional expectations of wall art. Similarly, 2D works take sculptural form to become 3D freestanding pieces with specially constructed plinths that form a part of the work itself.

The series explores the seascapes and coastline vistas of the south coast. "Since my Foundation Course at Eastbourne College of Art and subsequent training at Edinburgh College of Art, both located by the coast, I have had a passion for painting the coast, the sea, the cliffs, the rock pools and breakwaters. My mission explores my inner journey using the emotional symbolism of my subject matter. I am currently working on sea and rock paintings in which the movement of the ocean waves express the rhythm of life, the force and strength of nature. Its turbulence and calm reflects our inner world. I am interested in exploring the fluidity of water against the firm resistance of hard rock."

"As students we were taught to observe and respond immediately. However, I have discovered that sitting observing, listening, meditating for a longer period before making any marks, takes one nearer to the essence of nature. One day, sitting on the beach in East Preston, Sussex, preparing to draw the waves crashing on the break water, I started to listen to the sounds of the sea; the tingling of the water on tiny shingle pebbles, the crash and splash of the waves hitting the breakwaters. I resolved then to try and express the range of sounds / music of the sea as well as the movement and rhythms and now the relation between the sound and movement."

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