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Devoted to supporting a global community of galleries, artists, and collectors, CADAF is launching CADAF Online.



Artizan Gallery at CADAF

Artizan Gallery is delighted to be taking part in CADAF 2020 and be a part of this innovative virtual platform promoting contemporary digital arts.

We will be presenting works of five uniquely talented artists who have embraced the use of digital media in their working practices and invite you to view their collections on these virtual walls.

Exhibiting Artists

About CADAF Online

CADAF Online is the third edition of the Contemporary And Digital Art Fairs (CADAF) after New York City in May 2019 and Miami in December 2019.

CADAF focuses on supporting digital initiatives in the art market. CADAF’s physical fairs in New York and Miami presented new media and digital art from a selection of contemporary artists and galleries. CADAF Online will provide an engagement and sales platform for this community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The custom-designed platform allows for CADAF Online to be a synchronous event that will take place online. Keeping the goals of artists and galleries in mind, the online event has been developed to be social, free for visitors, and adaptable for other art fairs and partners who would benefit from participating. A great deal of care has been taken to not simply create a website for art online. Instead, digitally-native solutions have been utilized to re-imagine the art fair for online consumption.

News & Updates

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