Fire Water Stone

Experimentation and Intuition
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Jun 29, 2021
26th June

Artizan Gallery

Jul 17, 2021

Fire Water Stone

Fire Water Stone

An Exhibition of Paintings and Ceramics

Artizan is delighted to be welcoming their 2021 bursary winner to the gallery for a 3-week solo show in our main gallery space. A previous exhibitor with us in several group shows, we are looking forward to this dedicated exhibition of his work, providing the opportunity to see works from three series that Rod has been working on over the last few years – Fire Water and Stone.

Rod’s interest in fire stems from when he was a young boy watching his grandfather work at his forge, making wonderful metal forms. The image of the red, orange, and white heat, and the sparks flying has stayed with Rod and most likely accounts for his interest in ceramics and the smoke firings that he does. Along with this creative aspect of fire goes the destructive aspect and smoky detritus left behind.

Works from this series centres around the tragic fire of the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter a few years ago. Whilst Rod did not live in Devon at the time, when he moved here, he determined to make some visual statement and record of that event. The ruins had not been totally screened off, so he was able to see inside just enough to make a record of the destruction.

Rod also has an interest in the coast and sea. As with fire, the sea can be benign or aggressive and Rod’s work focuses on those periods when there is an incoming storm, and the rising swell of the water batters the rocks with its power, energy, and sheer relentlessness. The resulting works capture and evoke the drama of the moment.

For the final element in the series Rod draws inspiration from the natural landscape, mainly Dartmoor, with all its natural stone features but also from the urban landscape, old stone buildings and tumbling ruins. Both have surface which have been affected over time by natural forces and it is the weathering, decaying and distressed surfaces that Rod finds visually interesting.