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April Exhibition

Works of Cristina Ulander
Apr 6, 2018

Artizan Gallery

Apr 26, 2018

April Exhibition

April Exhibition

Lifelike & Dreamlike

Mesmorizing Landscapes

Through the use of innovative surface materials, artist Cristina Ulander produces uniquely atmospheric landscapes and skyscapes. Techniques produced on Perspex and aluminium, create an airbrushed finish, despite the use of ordinary paintbrushes, resulting in serenely flat works. Low horizon lines and a focus on dramatic, photorealistic, skies, often combined with a candy-esque colour palette, produces works that are at once lifelike and dreamlike.

Cristina Ulander is a professional artist living and working in East Devon. Her work is concerned with light, colour, and pattern, but at present is particularly focused on skies, storms, and clouds, the more atmospheric the better. More broadly, nature is the underlying theme in her work which has explored the underworld beneath the sea, the skies that soar above and all that sits in between, in awe of all that surrounds her.

This will be Cristina's second time joining us in the gallery, having exhibited at the end of 2017 in our Winter Open exhibition. Her large landscape, Dream No. 1, caught the attention of many on this occasion, with its unusual flat quality and dramatic depiction of sky. We anticipate this showcase of a wider body of her work will be truly awe-inspiring.

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