Peter King

Vivid Style

Passionate and Free

Peter King came from a humble background. His Mother worked in a sweet factory and his father worked for the council, so it was quite extraordinary twist of fate when at the tender age of thirteen he was given a scholarship to the Hammersmith School of Art. He left at sixteen as he felt that he needed to make a living as a commercial artist, so he hawked his portfolio around London. His talent was quickly recognised and he soon made a name for himself as a freelancer designer and calligrapher. In later years his career took a different turn when he became an art director on several feature films.

He never abandoned his love of drawing and painting, and early depictions of London and the river feature faultless draftsmanship with muted tones and a strong use of light. These pictures created a solid foundation for the work that was to follow.

It was on family holidays driving through France and Spain that he was struck by the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean and his passion for landscapes was ignited. These paintings were the beginning of his exploration of the use of intense bold colours, which would be a dominate theme within his work. But it is through his technique and passionate handling of paint, bold brushwork and richness of colour that Peter manipulates the viewers emotional response. He had now found his own vivid truthful style.

Far from softening with maturity, the artists palette has become increasingly passionate and free. The wild flamboyance of his art stems not from mental anguish but from the world around him that depicts admiration and joy.

News & Updates

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