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Susan Cavaliere

Susan Cavaliere's work has been inspired by an admiration of surrealism and abstraction and is driven by an interest in mythology, folklore and fantasy. Art and paintings have always been a big part of Susan's life and the fine art groundings from her studies at Salisbury School of Art had a big impact, providing her the confidence and inspiration needed to experiment with new methods, such as combination practices using both oils and waxes.


Susan creates her pieces through colour and tonal layering, and balance in her work is hugely important. To a degree, this structuring offers a form of meditation, when she feels happy and relaxed Susan knows that a piece is finished. The eye must be led around the painting leaving room for the imagination to fill in details.


For Susan, a painting must provoke interest and for this reason narrative features heavily in her work. Most of her pieces have a story or a reason behind them, often based in a specific folktale or myth. However, this narrative is never definitive, and she always encourages people to bring their own views to her work.