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Ian Carr

Ian Carr's paintings are responses to the environment. When you paint something so much is removed - scale, movement, sound, smell, touch, so you are left with having to communicate all that through the remaining sense. Ian aims to paint the experience of looking at something rather than recording figuratively what he sees. He likes to analyse what qualities are holding his attention and explore the visual elements that will enable him to share that experience.


His paintings refer mainly to landscape, exploring colour and surface.


Ian studied at Chester School of Art, Leeds College of Art and Manchester University. Most of his working life has been in art education in various schools and colleges in the UK and Zambia, as well as working as copywriter, gallery director and mural painter.


Ian has exhibited widely throughout the UK and, since moving to Devon in 2007 have shown at Harbour House Kingsbridge, Birdwood House Totnes, The Ariel Centre Totnes, Dartington Hall, The Crypt Gallery St Ives and the Bunker Project which he organised from 2011-13.