3rd September - 22nd September

Works of Sandra Lissenden, Roger Lissenden

and Chantal Ashwell

"Painting in the abstract allows your own freedom of expression, sometimes revealing, often intriguing."

Diverse and Complimentary

Regular exhibitors together, Chantal Ashwell, Sandra Lissenden and Roger Lissenden all live and work from their bases in the English Riviera. Their diverse styles span sculptural wildlife studies, elemental abstractions and impressionist landscapes, but are nonetheless inherently complimentary through their handling of natural forms and forces.

3rd September - 22nd September


Works of Sandra Lissenden, Roger Lissenden

and Chantal Ashwell

Cocktail Launch: 4th September // 18:30-20:30

Artist Preview: 7th September // 18:00-20:00

Roger Lissenden

Having learnt the basics from renowned wire sculptor Celia Smith Roger has developed his own unique style and technique in this sculptural form.

Early inspiration was taken from the extensive bird life of Devon’s coast and countryside, the medium lending itself to the expression of anatomical forms and natural movement, allowing a dynamic interpretation of the subjects.

Encouraged by the response received at early exhibitions, Roger has now progressed to incorporate the design aspect of his commercial career, sculpting a series of impressionist silhouettes based on the human form and abstract shapes from nature. These works will be exhibited alongside new creations from his bird series.

Sandra Lissenden

Having now returned to live in the picturesque landscapes of Torquay, Devon, after spending many years in London and the home counties, Sandra allows the beauty of the surrounding countryside, with its multifarious coastline and countryside, unpredictable and changeable weather, and seasonal variability, to evoke in her the passion that fuels her work.

With her inspirational locality and frequent travels to France and Spain, Sandra has returned to her early love of contemporary impressionism, experimenting over the years with many different techniques and styles, including mixed media, watercolours and acrylics.

Her interest lies in light and atmosphere, places and objects, seeking to convey through her work an area beyond the physical.  Experimenting with texture and colour, Sandra creates rhythm and patterns through simplified forms, capturing movement and light with their ethereal qualities to evoke the deeper memory of the initial visual impact.

Now, Sandra is able to indulge completely in her passion for art, drawing from her formal techniques learnt over the years.  She has exhibited extensively in the South West including at The South West Academy, as well as nationally and internationally.

Chantal Ashwell

Chantal Ashwell is an abstract artist working in acrylic and mixed media, based in Torquay, South Devon. Having taken a conscious decision to avoid formal training, her artistic journey continues to move towards a deeper appreciation that the imagination has no boundaries and that depth of emotion revealed through art may be a natural outcome.

Her work is motivated by a fascination with the forces and effects of natural elements - such as water and wood - and of their intrinsic qualities, which lend themselves to an almost textile-like interpretation on the artist’s canvas. 

She has been painting for around ten years and is committed to only producing pieces that truly reflect her observations and perceptions of a subject; to paint with a brave honesty in order to maintain her artistic integrity.  

Chantal’s work has been exhibited in the UK and Europe.

The Works

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