Riverscape by artist Chris Pitman.


Oil on Board

60 x 50 cm

Framed Original

Also Available as a limited edition mounted giclee print £85

Boats on the Dart near Galmpton

  • “I aspire to transform moors, hills, water, sand, buildings, and people into compelling scenes, finding a constant source of inspiration in the fluctuating light of the seasons.”

    Born, raised, and based in Teignmouth, Chris Pitman has been creating art for over 25 years, procuring mentoring from other acclaimed artists along the way. Using the distinctive lighting provided by the Teign Estuary’s East-West alignment, Chris presents a unique perspective with his mesmerising scenes of life in South Devon.

    15 years ago, Chris’s active lifestyle was terminated by serious illness forcing early retirement and a return to his hometown of Teignmouth. He took this opportunity to transition from a professional life spent in design offices, into channelling his creative instincts into visual expressions of the mesmerising environment surrounding him. He aspires to combine previously attained skills with mentoring from acclaimed artists, as well as immersing himself in the local areas burgeoning art environment.

    He paints predominantly in oils and acrylics, but enjoys experimenting with other media, especially enjoying 3D work with clay.

    Since returning to Teignmouth he has won several awards from Teignmouth Art Society and has had paintings accepted and hung at the South West Academy Open Exhibition for the last 2 years, and most recently was a finalist in the ‘SAA Artist of the Year 2017’.

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